Khan Bonshek is a husband and wife design team specialising in architectural interventions, installations and internal fit-outs. Their approach to design is driven by an interest in materiality and its effect upon the user: whether it be spatial, haptic or ephemeral.

Co-founded by Sabba Khan and Mark Bonshek in 2021, Khan Bonshek’s signature approach is best encapsulated by their self-build two-up two-down house in East London. The project shows the possibilities of what can be achieved in small spaces with constrained budgets. Both Sabba and Mark were actively involved in making components for the house, which included on-site casting, curved gutters and mosaic floors.

Khan Bonshek work closely with their clients to understand the deeper aspirations for their spaces, and use these as guiding principles for each project. Spaces curated for moments of joy and celebration are at the centre of their practice. 

Process models and sketches
from Orfordness Memorial Proposal

 Khan Bonshek Ltd Company: 12530220