Fabrication and working at 1:1 scale is a key component of Khan Bonshek’s practice. Using a combination of analogue and digital methods of making, each project becomes a canvas for experimentation, prototyping and invention.

Pyramid staircase trial assembly by Landmark Joinery 

Casting a lead brick
using reclaimed roof lead

Experiements in Shou Sugi Ban

Reflections on site

Plaster traders on site

Pocketed in-situ cast concrete with
threaded rod form constraints

Curved concrete gutter mould

Releasing concrete gutter from mould

1:1 handrail tests

Joinery Assembly with
CNC cut carcasses

Coloured concrete cube tests using natural pigments

Door Marquetry workshop

Metal workers welding staircase onsite

CNC Workshop with
friends Grafted

Modern roof reconstruction within historic structures

Hand-made brick specials

House in early stages of reconstruction

Curved gutter in use

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